Friday, 12 March 2010

Packing Clothes: One Bag

Summary: How to pack your clothes inside your suitcase without crease...

Introducing Packing Clothes :: One Bag a website that provides all sorts of information on travel packing. The website provides checklists, packing lists and packing tips which are useful if you go travelling.

How to pack it > Packing clothes introduces the 'One Bag' method for light packing. It is adapted from the bundle wrapping technique, which is basically stacking the clothes and wrapping it into a bundle. On the above link you can click on this image and follow the instructions step-by-step:

Having actually tried this technique during my 4 day staycation at the Lake District, I must confess that it does what it says on the cover: "No creases and wrinkles". This may be especially useful when you go on a business trip with all your fancy shirts and trousers. I also managed to pack more things inside my suitcase as the bundle reduces the overall volume of the packed clothing.

However, it took a substantial amount of time to wrap the clothes up. You first choose all the clothes you are bringing, then stack them in order, then wrap the whole thing and shove it into your suitcase. It is so much quicker and simpler to chuck everything in the suitcase and zip up. In addition, by the end of the trip, I found it difficult to pack the dirty clothes in the suitcase without using the bundle method.

Note to self: when using the bundle method, don't get too carried away and bring excess clothing. Remember to leave space for dirty clothing and souvenirs.

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