Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Foursquare + Amex = £10 back on £50 Tesco shopping!

Discount: Get £10 credit on your American Express credit card when you buy over £50 at Tesco (until 31 Dec 2012)

Hurray! Just saw this piece of news on my good old friend and here is my plan:

1. Find my Tesco money off coupons! (I know I have one that is £5 off £40 shop, but where is it?!)

2. Download Foursquare - a free mobile app & sign up an account.

3. Go to the American Express website and link Amex to the Foursquare account just created.

4. Go to Tesco on Saturday (the superstore for a good selection of toiletries). Use the Foursquare app to:
- find the store 
- check in by clicking ‘Check in Special Provided by: American Express’
- then click 'Load to card' to load the deal onto Amex

5. Then buy enough stuff so that I still pay over £50 after discount.

Note to self: in the past it has taken over 4-6 days for the Amex credit to show up on Lloyds online banking...

I don't own Tesco or Amex...

====================== Update: 30 Dec 2012 ======================
So, I completed steps 1-3 and finally went to Tesco armed with a 6" shopping list today. Completed step 4 on my phone when I entered the store. About 3 mins after paying with Amex, I received a notification on my phone to congratulate me that I'd saved £10! Very efficient indeed!


  1. There's a whole load of Amex specials and details of their presale/preferred seating for concerts over at

    Just saved a small fortune :)

    1. Thank you for visiting Chris and providing useful info. As an FYI I have noticed with my Lloyds Amex Duo it now takes over 5-10 working days for the credit to appear on the account. Compared to back in Dec 2012 (around 3 working days) it is now much longer...